Zhang Wanqi

The southern region of Germany, called Swabia is the home of this talented Allrounder, born as the son of a Spanish father and a semi-french mother. Besides visiting special spots on earth as a globetrotter he simply loves to get in touch with people. More than being an investigative Photo-journalist on the hunt for postcard pictures, González has the gift to trigger that special empathy from the
viewer. Saying „good things could not be closer by“, he often approaches familiar locations to discover its hidden magic in with his childlike curiosity!

González is experiencing his profound inspiration by his belief in our marvellous creator. More than a well calculated, strategic view which is depicted by him in his shots, it’s the atmospheric load awaking a hidden desire in us, the observers. Meanwhile González is a leading specialist of panography. This challenging type of photographic technique provides him a creative play with a picturesque substantiality that leads in its result to a transformation from scenes of daily routine into an extended dimension. As an observer, we thus lose the perspective of being a counterpart and immerse into a fascinating, real-magical world of images.

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2019 Exhibition KNOBLAUCH – .Ravensburg
2019 Exhibition – „Fragments Of A Forgotten Symphony“ (Epson-Amsterdam)
2019 Exhibition Galerie Objectif Editions, Ixelles, Belgien
2018 Honorable Mention, ND Awards 2018, „Fragments Of A Forgotten Symphony“,
category: Fine art:
2018 Exhibition Galerie Sehnsucht, Rotterdam, NL
2018 Exhibition – The Frame Eternal – THE DIRECTED ART MODERN (DAM Project Miami)
2018 „Fragments Of A Forgotten Symphony“ (LACDA – Los Angeles Center For Digital Art)
2018 Exhibition „Fragments Of A Forgotten Symphony“ (Epson – Photokina)
2018 Exhibition „WOW!“ | „Casa Alonso“ (Galerie 21.06. Ravensburg)
2018 Kunstnacht Ravensburg (Galerie 21.06. Ravensburg)
2018 Kunstnacht Schorndorf „ (Kunstgalerie Bech Schorndorf)
2018 Publikation historischer Küchen im Allgäu (Landzunge Magazin)
2018 Publikation Heimat Magazin
2018 Art-Wisdis „Fragments Of A Forgotten Symphony“
2018 Exhibition „Genusskunst – Kunstgenuss“ (Galerie 21.06. Ravensburg)
2018 Exhibition „Genusskunst – Kunstgenuss“ (Galerie 21.06. Ravensburg)
2017 Gold für Kalender „Der Orient – Märchenhaft“ | „Orientalische Architektur -Verzaubernd“
2017 Publikation „Orient-Architecture“ im AIT Magazin (Verlagsanstalt Alexander Koch GmbH)
2017 Oberrheinmesse – „Fragments Of A Forgotten Symphony“