Dominique Landau

 World citizen Dominique Landau was born in 1951 in Rio de Janeiro, to a Dutch father and a Romanian mother. As a young girl she moved to Mexico, where she studied visual arts. Later, in the United States, she became an expert in stained-glass.

Her glass sculptures have received several awards, while she has seen her photographs of Mexico and Central America published in the leading Mexican newspaper, Excelsior. Her pictures of Italy and China have appeared in the newspaper de Volkskrant and other Dutch publications.

'Beauty is the thing I love most, but not beauty for beautyʼs sake alone. I feel that real beauty couldnʼt exist without interior harmony and this is the feeling that I try to express in all my works'.

Photography has always been the passion  of Dominique and through decades has accompanied her wherever she goes, first in her dark-room and now with her digital camera.

Dominique's photography work consists in applying different digital layers of pictures taken by herself, then by choosing similar colors and textures, she creates a new colorful work, like a painting.

Dominique lived and worked in Brazil, Mexico, USA, Italy, China, Netherlands.

Dominique had many expositions in  Rio de Janeiro; Mexico City; Genoa; Amsterdam and New York. As well she participated in many art fairs in Europe.